Hi! I'm Saarah :)

My first coding project, back in the ninth grade was to build a chatbot. It was a rather tall ladder of if-else statements nested within if-else statements. Nevertheless, it was enthralling to be able to chat with a machine. Six years later, I recreated my chatbot once again, only with a lot more knowledge! This time, it was an intelligent agent focused on thinking and acting like a human as well as thinking and acting rationally.

I'm a Masters of Technology student majoring in Computer Science at MSRIT, India. I have spent the last six years developing my skills in computer science to be helpful to our world. My skill set is a diverse palate of computer science technologies. I've built several end-to-end web and android applications, a smart vending machine prototype, and analysed, optimised and designed several algorithms to solve problems for the people around me. After all, I discovered my supreme interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.

I've worked on using machine learning and NLP on legal research to ease the arduous task of researching and reading lengthy judgments using a conditional random fields model and built classification models and neural networks to classify judgements based on their final decision. I worked on models for speech pronunciation correction in Arabic. Currently, my research work is on finding better solutions for computational problems using machine intelligence.

In my spare time, I read and learn about psychology, language, history and culture. I study the art of Japanese flower arrangement at the Sogetsu Schook of Ikebana. I love having deep and meaningful conversations about life.

Here's my linkedIn, resume and github.

What I can do.

  • Create algorithms for problem statements.
  • Convert algorithms into code.
  • Apply my knowledge in a practical way.
  • Build machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing models.
  • Develop android and iOS apps with react native.
  • Develop applications with Angular, Node, React, FireBase, and MongoDb.
  • Learn anything new.

I can help.

If you have a project that my skill-set would be useful to, think you need my help with something or just fancy saying hello, then get in touch.


1. All Things Qa’raa (2020) ​

Technologies: React Native, Express, MongoDB, React, Firebase, Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning,

Developing an application resembling a music streaming app. packed with complex features requiring streaming capabilities, handling a massive database containing audios and a sizeable text database, regulating security features, smooth animations and flawless working.

Visit website.

2. Artificial Intelligence for Legal Research (2019) ​

Technologies: Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning, Python

The project was built to ease the arduous task of researching and reading lengthy judgments. To help find the required information at a glance, the text in a judgment document was categorized with the help of Conditional Random Fields (CRF) to fall into one of the six predetermined categories. The training data consisted of documents from the rent control domain, and the sentences in these documents were annotated with the category they belonged to. The model was trained with four sets of features to help categorize sentences in other judgments. Further, these documents were classified based on the final decision taken by the judge with the help of a neural network classifier.

3. An Angular Annotation Tool (2018)

Technologies: Angular6, Python, Cloud Firestore

Developed an annotation tool that provides an interface to a sentence-segmented corpus making it easy to annotate sentences with tags.

4. Technical fest: DexteriX’18 Website (2018)

Technologies: HTML5 , PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Mysql

Developed a website that handled 2500+ registrations and provided complete information on all the inter-collegiate events held at the fest.

5. Computer Graphics App. On Routing Information Protocol (2018)

Technologies: C, OpenGL

Developed using OpenGL to demonstrate the working of Routing Information Protocol.

6. Arabiyah Classes Android Application (2017)

Technologies: Java, Android

Developed an android application for an Egyptian institute that allows users to enroll and purchase courses as well as provide information on the institute and its courses.

7. Weather Forecast And News Android Application (2017)

Technologies: Java, Android, REST API

Developed an android application that serves the user with updated weather forecast as well as updated and accurate news from global news networks.

8.Department Management System Web Application (2017)

Technologies: HTML5 , PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Mysql

Developed a web application that processes all student and faculty details, academic-related reports, course details, curriculum, batch details and other resource-related details.


Paper Title: Assistive Technology to Expedite Judicial Procedure using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Techniques

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The Indian Judiciary stacks a pile-up of more than 30 million cases, some in backlog for more than 10 years. Renowned cases such as the 1984 Sikh riots still await a final judgement with many of the accused and those seeking justice having died in the extensive 32-year lengthy wait. This paper aims to present an application that would assist the jury and expedite the process of delivering a judgement. Given required documents at hand, judges take a minimum of one month to an infinite number of years to deliver the judgement. This paper proposes a system performing the same task in less than a minute. The application aims to summarize judicial support documents constructing an overview of them using NLP methods and categorize documents into categories as identified by experts with machine learning techniques.